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FebFast is a 28 days health challenge & fundraiser.
In 2015 we achieved
  • 28 days of health and wellbeing
  • 200,000+ bad habit-free days
  • Over $800,000 raised for charity
  • Support for thousands of young Aussies
amount raised
Funds raised$883,676
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Dont just take our word for it

Here’s what last year’s FebFasters have told us:

"December a blur with Christmas cheer, January filled with BBQ's and beer, February a great chance to reset Completing Febfast I'll never regret."

FebFast Alcohol participant, 2014

"Sugar is my nemesis - I managed to kick it to the curb & have barely touched chocolate since finishing. Thank-you FebFast!!!"

FebFast Sugar participant, 2014

Thanks to FebFast, I realised I didn't need alcohol to sleep. I slept so well without it. I had more energy, clarity of thinking and so much more energy. Thank

FebFast Alcohol participant, 2014
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