About Us

Would a break from alcohol, nicotine, sugar, junk food or social media overload make you feel healthier and more in control of your life? FebFast is a charity that raises money to fight youth addiction by challenging you to refrain from your favourite vice for just 28 days. Alcohol was the sole focus in the past but, in 2015, each Febfaster can choose from five habits to set aside for the month.


FebFast is the humble little campaign that achieves big things. Feel sharper, fitter and healthier all whilst raising money to tackle youth addition.

  • Pick a challenge: can you take a 28 day alcohol, sugar, junk food, smoking or social media detox?
  • Register online: form a team, join a team or go solo. You choose the registration price, with proceeds going towards our campaign target of $1,000,000.
  • Complete FebFast: we'll support you with apps, eMagazines, blogs, email, SMS and expert help from our ambassadors and "Fast" gurus. Heading out? Go to one of our FebFast Friendly Venues to avoid falling off the wagon.
  • Fundraise as you go: via your personalised online fundraising page (linked to our mobile app) and containing all the tools you need.
  • Get healthy: tame a habit, lose some weight, improve your sleep... whatever your health goal, a circuit breaker can be the perfect way to kick start a healthier year.
Our Philosophy
Our Vision
To improve the personal health of all Australians, especially vulnerable and disadvantaged young people experiencing alcohol, drug and mental health issues.
Our Mission
To give individuals the tools and opportunity to reflect, change and break existing routines that inhibit wellness, starting with alcohol consumption. We give people the chance to take a pause for the better, both for themselves (through a period of good health) and for the community (through fundraising to improve the lives of vulnerable young people).
Why We Get Up In The Morning
The BIG picture
The BIG picture
We’re proud to raise money for youth addiction issues, the world's most stigmatised health condition. But it's not the only big picture we look at.
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Help with serious health concerns
Help with serious health concerns
We're not for everyone. If you or a friend has a serious issue with any of the addictions we discuss, consult your doctor or read more via our blog.
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FebFaster support
FebFaster support
Since FebFast was formed, we’ve received hundreds of comments of support. If you need motivation, here are messages from people just like you.
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Wowsers of the world unite
Wowsers of the world unite
Yes, it’s a label sometimes thrown at us but we don’t worry about it too much. In fact, we believe preventative health need not be the fun police...
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Why Febfast Works
Our #1 "Fast" is alcohol. Almost three-quarters of our alcohol Fasters drink less post-February.
The vast majority of our participants intend to keep up their positive habits post-February.
Almost every single FebFaster achieves at least one health or lifestyle benefit.
Seven in ten FebFasters are more aware of the impact bad habits have on their health.