We know a month off the juice can be tough, particularly at all those February weddings and birthdays. We’ve enlisted the help of various tasty health and wellness partners to share exclusive drink ideas and recipes with you, so you’ll never get bored, and stay on track.

If you really must drink during February, all is not lost! We have Time Out passes you can buy to give you or your febfasting friend a 24 hour window to raise a glass at your cousin’s wedding, best mate’s birthday or daughter’s graduation.

Previous febfasters have reported all the wonderful outcomes below after a month off drinking:

febfast alcohol benefits: 62% lose weight, 81% save money, 86% become more aware of how their habits impact their health, 60% are more productive, 44& get better sleep, 85% febfasters complete the challenge and a whopping 100% help improve the lives of young people struggling with substance misuse.

And if that doesn’t convince you, recent research from the University College London has also shown a month without alcohol can reduce your risk of longer term illnesses such as heart disease. The benefits just keep on coming!

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