Is it time for a break from booze?

Us Aussies, we don’t mind a bit of a drink. We drink after work, at the races, on public holidays and at the weekend. Cheers, right?! Well…maybe not. The problem is, it’s easy to go overboard: on average, each of us is downing the equivalent of 25 bottles of vodka every year. At these levels, your health, your bank balance and even your personal relationships can suffer (especially with binge drinking at record levels). So it’s a good thing that FebFast Alcohol arrives when it does. If you’re feeling a little sluggish after a big Christmas, New Year, summer holiday or Australia Day, FebFast Alcohol is just the tonic.

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What is FebFast Alcohol?

FebFast Alcohol is a 28 day alcohol-free challenge.  It’s a timely health kick that’ll do wonders for your head, liver, waistline and wallet and also raises money for youth addiction.

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What do I get for signing up?
  • Access to a community of thousands of people who are facing the same challenge you are
  • A mini guide to FebFast Alcohol, with tips, tricks and reasons not to freak out!
  • Four weekly emails, with health and fundraising tips
  • Access to the FebFast app, to help you earn Willpower Points
  • Recommended “FebFast Friendly” locations, from bars and cafes to gyms that know your pain!
  • Four weekly editions of the exclusive FebFast “28” eMagazine
  • Access to a FebFast Alcohol webinar, hosted by one of our ambassadors
  • Exclusive FebFast Freebies and other discounts from our campaign partners
  • The change to WIN a trip of a lifetime – available only to FebFasters!
The Rules
  • 28 days without alcohol. Simple, right?!
0% alcohol drinks (but make sure you check the labels!)Alcohol, incl low alcohol drinks
Lemon, lime & bitters
Why it's good for you