Is it time for a break from booze?

Feeling a little alcohol-burned after the holiday season? We Aussies are good fun and for many of us, drinking is a big part of a great time: beers with workmates, wine with dinner and nights out on weekends. Unfortunately, it’s super easy for our alcohol intake to get a bit too high and, before we know it, it can have an effect on work, relationships and health. It can take a hefty hunk out of our wallets, too.

If you’re feeling tired and sluggish after a well lubricated Australia Day, summer holiday, New Year’s Eve and Christmas it’s a good idea to step back, focus on your most important goals and better understand your relationship with your drinking habits. Give your body a break from alcohol in February; it’s just the tonic. FebFast is here to help, and your contribution will help fight youth addition: win-win!

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About FebFast Alcohol

Join FebFast’s 28-day alcohol-free challenge. You’ll help your liver, head, waistline and wallet, and you’ll help us raise money to assist young people with potentially life-changing issues related to substance abuse and addiction.

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What do I get for signing up?
  • Access to a community of thousands of people who are facing the same challenge you are
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The Rules
  • 28 days without alcohol. Simple, right?!
0% alcohol drinks (but make sure you check the labels!)Alcohol, incl low alcohol drinks
Lemon, lime & bitters
Why it's good for you