Worried about Easter weight gain?

Whether it's those chocolate eggs tempting you or the lure of buttered hot cross buns proving too much for your willpower, Easter can be a tough time on the waistline.

However, don't stress if you don't stick to your guns this holiday. Instead, plan to make up for it in May with a PrepFast detox regime.

Tips for quitting sugar after Easter

You probably got your sugar fix (and some) over this four-day weekend, so it could be time to give up the sweet stuff afterwards. Here are some tips to help you nip that indulgent habit in the bud.

Prepare plenty of healthy…

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Want to run 10 km like a pro?


Whether you’ve finally decided to hit the ground running on that oft-forgotten New Year’s resolution, or want to follow through on a dare, aiming to run a full 10 km is a great goal!

And, while this can be a tricky aim to accomplish, participating in a PrepFast detox program may provide all the incentives you need to complete your mission.

No matter what you decide to give up, you may see some great changes.


Not only will you have more energy, but giving up those regular tipples could also help you to sleep…

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Delicious sugar-free ANZAC biscuits

anzac biscuits

While there are plenty of treats designed to sway even the most determined faster in Easter, don’t forget there is another holiday just around the corner!

ANZAC day is set aside for Australians and New Zealanders alike to recognise the sacrifices made by our soldiers. April 25 marks the anniversary of the first military action fought by our forces during the first World War.

Many people choose to remember their actions by consuming the ANZAC biscuits as these sweet treats were often sent across to troops by loving mums, wives and sisters at home.

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Winter getaway locations perfect for that swimsuit-ready body


All that winter doom and gloom can affect your mood, so what better way to psych yourself up for those cooler nights than by planning a getaway escape to warmer climes?

Australia has some gorgeous beaches just waiting for you! And a great way to get slim and fit for your trip is by undertaking a Prepfast detox program.

Not only is it for a good cause, but a 28 day period without alcohol, sugar, caffeine or screens could help give you the nudge you need to drop those unwanted kilos.

To keep those motivation levels up, pop a…

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Increase your energy levels this winter


While it can be tempting to hibernate under a doona with a big bowl of popcorn and a delicious hot drink during the cold winter months, there are many great things you an achieve if you can boost those flagging energy levels.

A PrepFast detox program can help you feel more energetic by helping you to sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed and alert.

That way, nothing can stop you achieving your goals!

Here are a few other great benefits you will gain by giving up alcohol, sugar, caffeine or screens for 28 days.


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