How to Quit Smoking for Real This Time

No Smoking

Nicotine addiction is difficult to beat, but it can be done. Perhaps you’ve attempted to quit in the past but relapsed after a few days. Or, maybe you keep talking about quitting, but never follow through. Take a look at our tips on how to quit smoking—for real!—and then sign up for your 28-day detox with Febfast.

No Smoking
No Smoking

Chew it over

Some smokers are soothed by an oral distraction when trying to quit. For example, try replacing that toxic cigarette with a stick of gum or piece of…

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How to Stop Drinking: Set Yourself Up for Success

How To Stop Drinking

When you’re planning to make a change in your habits, it’s important to prepare. Taking time to reflect on your behaviour will help you plan for those moments of weakness and achieve your goal of 28 days completely alcohol-free.

Identify Triggers

When and why do you most often reach for a drink? Perhaps it’s usually stress at work, a night out with friends, or a celebration. Maybe it’s just become part of your routine to uncork a bottle of wine while prepping dinner. Spend time thinking back to the times you imbibed in the last month, and jot down what was…

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Our guide to understanding processed food


Processed food is more often than not linked to sugary fast food items and is blamed for the nations growing obesity epidemic and the rise of type 2 diabetes. However, there is more to this label than first meets the eye.

What is processed food?

Processed food refers to any food that has been been altered from its natural state. This is not always a bad thing, as it includes fruits and vegetables that have been frozen at their ripest, to preserve the most vitamins and minerals as well as pasteurised milk.

Foods that have been heated, milled, pressure treated or irradiated are considered processed.

However, while…

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FebFasters help fight youth addiction with YoDAA


It can be hard for young people or those worried about them to know what to do when they are concerned about drugs or alcohol. In response, we created Youth Drugs + Alcohol Advice (YoDAA) as the simplest way to access youth-specific drug and alcohol information, advice and specialist referral.

The aim with YoDAA is to make access as easy as possible. That’s why we’ve created a website rich with useful info and resources and complimented it with personal touches, includinga 24 hour phone line, live web-chat and email service.

With the unbelievable support of FebFast we…

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New Year, new you? Nah, start today!


If there is something you have your heart set on achieving, whether it be weight loss, spending more time with your friends and family, learning something new or quitting alcohol, you may think you need to wait until New Year’s to make changes.

Why not start today? You might even be more successful!

Choose your Prepfast 28 day detox program based on what you want to achieve and let the games begin. You will receive plenty of support from the Prepfast team and community, which may be the added incentive you need to carry out your goals…

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