As both the National Director of febfast and a self-confessed ‘happy drinker’, I find myself thinking, debating and writing about alcohol every day. In conclusion? We all spend a lot of time and money on drink, but a month off the booze is priceless.

Drinking like it’s going out of fashion

drinking fashion

I read recently that alcohol now kills 15 people in Australia every day (up from 10 a decade ago).

One thing’s for sure, if I collected a dollar from every editor who attaches “sobering statistics” headlines to this type of media release we wouldn’t need to run a fundraising campaign next year! Still, most of us will probably file the stat away in the back of our minds under “scary stuff that I’m not going to get to right now as y’know, I’m busy – what with life and everything…”.

And so this important information is quickly swallowed up…

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Alcohol – time to rethink?


Let’s start with a fact no one wants to read: alcohol kills one person every 10 seconds worldwide. Bam. Read that line again. That’s 3.3 million people each year, according to the latest report from the World Health Organisation released today. It should be a wake-up call.

Those of us of drinking age are consuming 17 litres of PURE alcohol each year. Alcohol is killing more people than AIDS, tuberculosis and violence combined. It’s such a pervasive issue, yet alcohol use remains a relatively taboo subject. Sure, we are all…

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The Ladder


One of the beneficiaries of FebFast in 2014 is The Ladder. They do an amazing job helping young people aged 16-25 to break the cycle of homelessness. As you can guess, issues related to alcohol and drug misuse can often creep into a young person’s life to complicated matters further. Here’s some more detail about their work:

“By improving life skills, supporting education, employment and training activities and linking young people to their communities, our programs and individual services have been specifically designed to grow their talents, skills and capacities and help them articulate their future…

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Welcome to March! Post FebFast, now what?


So you did it! February. 28 days. FebFast. Job done.

Maybe there was the odd slip along the way, maybe it was the longest month known to mankind, or maybe the month was an easy glide through skies of rainbow doves. Either way, a new month and a new dawn lies ahead.

So now what? Well, we’ve asked some seasoned FebFasters exactly that question. Most of the answers relate back to the process of self-awareness that the “month off” typically brings. Here are some tips:


Sure, you might have had the first celebratory beer/bubbles on March 1, but a…

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Sweetened without the guilt! Cooking without sugar!


This blog brought to you by our pals at Natvia, the official sponsor of FebFast Sugar.

It’s almost the final week of FebFast. That deserves celebrating right? And for those on FebFast Sugar, we’re thinking celebration = cake!

Here are two guilt-free recipe ideas for a big bash. Shhh, they’ll never know it’s sugar free.

Red Velvet Cupcakes, by Jo B, Recipes By ‘Us Plus More’

These classic red velvet cupcakes are highly versatile and perfect for any occasion! A lovely textured cake, light and fluffy so check out…

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