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Giving up sugar: 15 benefits + expert tips to curb cravings


Nutritionist and Naturopath Casey-Lee Lyons from Live Love Nourish ( shares with us her expert tips on giving up sugar. 15 Benefits of Giving Up Sugar Increased energy. Healthy weight loss. Glowing and clearer skin. Better moods. (Too much sugar can make you cranky, contribute to anxiety, depression and mood swings). Enhance your overall health.
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Christmas Coconut Bark


Coconut Bark Recipe: Live Love Nourish A healthy dairy free, refined sugar free version of white christmas; Christmas Coconut Bark. This dairy free, gluten free, preservative free and paleo recipe is one for lovers of coconut! It’s rich coconut flavour and subtle sweetness is just the perfect balance to satisfy your sweet tooth without over-indulging
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