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8 tips on how to survive a night out without alcohol – by Chris Appleford


“It’s un-Australian”!!! Going out with friends and not drinking can seem like high treason to some people. If you’re Australian, you drink, period. Well, actually, not period. A night out with friends doesn’t have to mean drinking into the wee hours of the morning then suffering through the inevitable hangover the next day. It is
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 ‘URGE SURFING’ – Working with Cravings and Urges

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Tip from Kathleen Cator, Clinical Psychologist & Certified Mindful Self-Compassion teacher. The term ‘Urge Surfing’ was coined by a psychologist who specialised in treating addiction, Dr. Alan Marlatt.  His friend was a surfer and also a cigarette smoker and no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t quit. Alan described the process of bringing
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