All the things you won’t miss about drinking

Goodbye Hangovers!

If you’ve done FebFast Alcohol before, or are contemplating joining us next year, you’re probably already thinking about how much you’ll miss alcohol for the month.

Well, let’s turn this around and find the sizeable silver lining in leaving behind alcohol for a while. Instead of focusing on the supposedly good things you’re missing out on – choose to focus on all the awful things you’re leaving behind.

While drinking tequila shots at 3am seems like fun at the time, there’s a whole lot of pain waiting for you around the corner. With FebFast, prepare to say sayonara to all of following:


Atomic Hangovers

Hangovers are universally disliked for a reason – they suck in so many different ways. There’s the jackhammer that takes up residence in your head, the involuntarily shakes that take over your body and a thirst so strong you contemplate drinking the murky water in the vase of flowers next to your bed just to get some relief.

Waking up in the Hurt Locker on a Saturday morning is bad enough, but why does it always have to be a stunner of a day bathed in golden sunshine, blue skies and good vibes? Everyone else is frolicking at the beach and you’re stuck on the couch with the blinds drawn wondering if there’s a service that home delivers an aspirin and hot chips meal deal.

Sweats & Regrets

Oh the things we do when we’re drunk! Common calamities include but are not limited to: drunk dialling your ex, vomiting in laneways, crying in public for no reason and taking loads of really unflattering ‘funny at the time’ photos that once seen, cannot be unseen.

A break from alcohol will give you a break from waking up the next morning with what is known as “The Fear”. The Fear takes hold when you start having flashbacks to all the things you did the night before, which then leaves you with ‘sweats and regrets’. When you’re sober, you won’t have to deal with any of these naff, post-drinking shame spirals and guilt benders that crop up the day after.


Fiscal Fails

We all know the dread that comes with checking your bank statement after a night out only to see a shocking trail of late night ATM withdrawals at pubs, bars and convenience stores. At the time, shouting a random bunch of strangers a round of pints seems the generous, fun thing to do, but the next day you’re cursing wasting your hard earned savings on people you don’t even remember the name of. If you’re not drinking, then you’ll be more likely to pull up stumps earlier and avoid post-midnight bank raids on your cash.

Fast food blowouts

Drinking almost always leads to dirty food choices. At 2am it’s all kebabs, chips and slices of pizza, and the morning after will be infused with bacon and egg rolls and litres of soft drink. If you wake up fresh and hangover-free, you’ll be able to spring out bed and enjoy a day filled with muesli, salad and smoothies, free from low rent food cravings.

Need to take a break? Register for FebFast – you’re body will thank you!


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