Fitness motivation: combining exercise with your detox

At the conclusion of the silly season, many of us are left feeling a little worse for wear. We’re tired, sluggish, and definitely regretting those alcohol-fuelled nights that seemed like such a good idea at the time.

Everyone in the office seems to be talking about starting their own detox. In desperation to feel better, they’re swearing off alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, fat, meat, carbs and even wheat and dairy. If it sounds restrictive, it is! Many of them won’t make it past the first weekend.

Skip the silly diet and reboot your body with a combination of healthy eating and exercise.

Any type of cardio exercise that gets you huffing and puffing speeds up your body’s detoxification process. Because exercise makes you sweat – and toxins in our body are released though exhalation, urine and sweat – exercising can encourage toxins to leave your body at a faster rate.

When you exercise, you also increase the rate at which blood circulates around your body and carries important nutrients to your muscles and organs. So you won’t only start to feel better, you’ll also begin to look better as your skin receives a vital hit of nutrients.

For those who want an extra detoxifying boost, add a couple of sessions of yoga to your weekly workout. If your muscles are tight or if you’re mostly sedentary, waste and toxins can accumulate in your lymph nodes and decrease your ability to fight illness. By holding and releasing the stretches in yoga, you can get your lymphatic system moving again and drain those toxins out of your body.

For a bonus detoxifying session, why not give Bikram yoga a go? The 26 yoga postures in Bikram are performed in a room heated to over 40 degrees Celsius – ensuring you sweat out all those toxins while getting the benefits of yoga.

Sounds like a much better option than restricting your diet to carrot and celery sticks!

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