Summery fruit blocks

OK so we love fruity ice blocks here at febfast. They’re easy and cheap to make and of course – free of refined sugar and alcohol!

This recipe is as simple as they get and will go down a treat over the summer. We’ve been eating these instead of sugar-laden ice cream for dessert and offering them at BBQs to cool our mates down!

Image of ice block ingredients Image of healthy ice block










A handful of strawberries and blueberries cut into smaller chunks

1 lemon and 1 orange – squeezed and pulp scraped out (we used a fork)

A little bit of water (to top up if needed)


Cut the berries, squeeze and pulp the lemon and orange.

Combine ingredients and pour into ice block molds – you can grab these from most supermarkets and department stores.

Top up with cold water if needed.

Leave in freezer for a couple of hours to set.

Take out when the day is hottest and enjoy your healthy treat!


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