Top 10 tips for doing febfast

You’re going to need three things to do febfast. 

One: some tactics stolen from previous fasters.
Two: some good old personal resolve to resist the odd craving.
Three: some cotton wool.

The tactics we’ll get to in a minute. For the resolve and to understand the science of detoxing, look out for some forthcoming articles in our new e-magazine ‘28’.  And the cotton wool?  That’s to shove in the ears every time a friend says “Oh come on, just one drink won’t hurt”.  Trust us: friends can sometimes be the worst enemy during febfast.  The best tactic here is to sign them up to your team!

Now, about those tactics: here are our all-time Top 10 tips for preparing for febfast:

1. Start a mini detox in Jan.

If you’re a daily drinker, try taking a couple of days off alcohol each week in Jan.  If you’re a big weekend drinker, maybe start an hour later than you normally would.  In short, a gentle slide into febfast can help the system in Week 1.

2. Hide the booze.

Get rid of it, donate it to a worthy charity, give to your neighbour. Anything. Just don’t have it around the house come Feb 1.

3. Hide the wine glasses.

There’s no point doing the above if you’re reminded what you’re missing every time you open the kitchen cupboards. That includes the bottle opener in the cutler draw.

4. Get creative on the soft drinks.

You wouldn’t flinch popping into the bottle shop and spending $20?  So it’s strange how we bulk at the idea of doing the same on soft drink.  But start experimenting, convert that beer-money and be prepared at the range now available, especially in health stores and organic shops. And while we’re here, a special mention to our supporters ‘eff’ and ‘Rochester Ginger’. Check out their top drinks for a thirst quenching febfast.

5. Discuss febfast with your partner.

If you find yourself yelling on day 4 ‘FOR GAWDS SAKE STOP WITH THE WINE AT DINNERTIME’ it might be that you didn’t discuss some house rules with your partner.  Do this now. Hell, they might even join you.

6. Vino trickery.

Some fasters pour their favourite soft drink into a wine glass. Others a quick shot of ginger over ice in a whisky glass (that’s my own fav, with some tonic water and mint).  You’ll be amazed how you can trick your brain.

7. Rewards. Re-think ’em.

A long week at work? A longer day with the kids? Finally cleared the post-holiday backlog of laundry?  We all drink as a small reward but come Feb 1 the beer fridge no longer holds the answer.  Seriously, sit down right now and write down some new rewards.  Get imaginative coz you’ll be annoyed with yourself if you just hit the Tim Tams.  Maybe it’s a new book via Amazon, a new game app for the iPad, a posh fruit salad you prepared earlier, a trip to the cinema.  Whatever…just plan ahead as 67% of us drink at the end of the week to unwind so we’re going to need some alternatives.

8. At the BBQ.

Trick the brain and soften the peer pressure by pouring your soft drink into a wine glass, or hiding the coke can in a stubby holder.

9. At the bar.

We humans are a strange lot. We tend to over-think the daftest of situations. Ordering a soft drink at the bar or answering a friends question “what’ll you have?” can sometimes feel just a wee bit, err, uncomfortable. So know what you want to order before you walk into the pub and order with confidence.

10. Don’t fall FOWL (Fear of the Wine List):

At the restaurant, the habit of ordering a bottle can be hard to fight.  Sometimes if feels easier to just avoid restaurants altogether in Feb.  But many are now providing a great soft drinks list and non-alcoholic wines.  Plan in advance as most have their full range online and know what you’ll have before you arrive.   

Those are our top 10 tips. What are yours?

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