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Worried about how sugar cravings affect your life? Wondering how best to beat the allure of a sweet treat during the afternoon?

Here are some tips to help you naturally beat those sugar cravings, so you can get through a 28 day detox programme, no sweat!

Boost your protein intake

Protein can help keep you full for longer, so you avoid those dips in your energy levels that may trigger you to reach for something sugary.

Foods such as meat, eggs, dairy, beans and nuts can provide a balanced source of energy for your body.

Often most people feel a sugar craving come on in the mid-afternoon or after dinner. Why not chow down on a handful of nuts or a portion of cottage cheese instead? These nutritious treats are sure to keep you satiated and reduce those cravings!

Eat regular meals

If you are hungry, you’re more likely to reach for a sweet treat to keep you going. Eating at least three meals per day is a great way to avoid a sugary slip-up.

Make sure each meal contains a dash of protein, handful of fibre and a sprinkling of carbohydrates to keep you full.

Check the glycaemic index (GI)

You may have heard the term glycaemic index, and probably realise that low GI foods are good, but aren’t sure why.

Low GI foods are carbohydrates that release glucose into your body more slowly, making you feel fuller for longer and controlling your appetite.

Some of the best low GI foods to include in your diet are legumes, soy products, low-fat dairy products, sweet potato, whole fruits, wholegrain cereals, porridge and pasta.

Keep an eye out for the GI symbol from the Glycaemic Index Foundation, but also check the labels – you don’t want to accidentally trip up and eat something sugary!

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How to check out of social media http://febfast.org.au/how-to-check-out-of-social-media/ http://febfast.org.au/how-to-check-out-of-social-media/#comments Fri, 27 Jun 2014 13:24:36 +0000 http://febfast.org.au/how-to-check-out-of-social-media/ Wondering how easy it will be to log out of social media? Here are some great tips to get you started and make the off-grid journey easier. Continue reading

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Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter permeate our lives, as we’ve become more and more reliant on them as forms of communication and a way to discover breaking news.

While a digital detox is an admirable goal, you may wonder just how you will cope being logged out for 28 days.

Here are some tips to help you beat the urge to flick through your Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts.

Make a swan song

Before you log out for a month, make sure you post a message explaining while you will be AWOL for a month.

This may also encourage people to back your cause and give you moral support where needed. Plus, think about the shame of being caught breaking your promises! This may well be enough to persuade you to keep chugging along sans Internet.

Check in or deactivate?

While you may not want to opt out of social media forever, some sites allow you to take a pause or suspend your account.

This may make it easier to live without social media for a month!

Assess your habits

If you’re worried about slipping up, becoming more aware of your habits can help. For instance, if you often find yourself scrolling through your social feeds before you wind down before bed, this could be a good time to to try something new.

For instance, you could start reading a book or chat to a friend on the phone instead.

Reestablish old connections

Instead of wasting time scrolling though social media posts, why not make time to hang out with old friends?

Being off the grid may even give you more to talk about as you won’t have already seen a photo of what they had for lunch!

This may provide you with an avenue for real and meaningful conversation as it gives you the chance to talk to your mates about what’s really going on in their lives.

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3 top benefits of a 28 day alcohol fast http://febfast.org.au/3-top-benefits-of-a-28-day-alcohol-fast/ http://febfast.org.au/3-top-benefits-of-a-28-day-alcohol-fast/#comments Fri, 27 Jun 2014 13:23:54 +0000 http://febfast.org.au/3-top-benefits-of-a-28-day-alcohol-fast/ Wondering what benefits you can gain from doing an alcohol fast? Here are just a few that will have you jumping on that mocktail train before you can say PrepFast! Continue reading

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Your body will receive countless benefits from giving up alcohol for a 28 day period – from glowing skin to flawless skin and shiny locks.

However, those are not the only positives of this detox program! Here are three other fabulous reasons that will help you to put that wine down.

Reclaim lost time

Ever wish you had more time in the day to accomplish those important tasks? Giving up alcohol may help you find more time in your week.

Not only will you feel sharp as a razor in your thinking throughout the period, but you will also be able to wake up feeling fresh as a daisy.

Lose that recovery time and you’ll manage to squeeze a few more hours out of your weekend, so you can read that book you’ve been longing to start, consider making a business plan for that new venture or simply get a luxurious sleep in.

Get rich quickly

Saving for an overseas holiday? Wedding? New pair of shoes? No matter what’s on your wish list, reducing your alcohol consumption will help you to achieve those goals.

There’s not just the price of the drinks themselves to factor into your new budget, but also the related expenses of a night out – the taxi, fast food and indulgent purchases you may not have made sober.

Put this expenditure in the bank and your dreams will be a reality sooner rather than later!

Improve your networking

While alcohol is known to give a bit of dutch courage, you may gain more benefits from staying sober when you’re meeting new people.

It will be easier to remember their names and you won’t risk embarrassment!

Plus, this might instil more confidence as it can be intimidating for the best of us to approach strangers.

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How to achieve a summer body year round http://febfast.org.au/how-to-achieve-a-summer-body-year-round/ http://febfast.org.au/how-to-achieve-a-summer-body-year-round/#comments Mon, 16 Jun 2014 12:08:04 +0000 http://febfast.org.au/how-to-achieve-a-summer-body-year-round/ Here are three great ways you can work on that summer beach body, no matter the season. Continue reading

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While your beach body might be hidden away in the winter months under a layer (or two) of clothing, there’s no reason why you can’t aspire to have the perfect beach body all year round.

If you need a helping hand, here are a few suggestions to help you achieve your goals.

Cut out excess calories

Are those extra calories creeping in unannounced? Take a look at your diet and see if you can make any small changes.

One area many people neglect to take into consideration is their alcohol consumption. This can wreak havoc with your diet ideals as you may find yourself consuming excess calories this way.

An easy way to combat this could be to do a month long detox program. Those kilos might start dropping off more quickly than you think.

Another potential course of action to take is to cut out sugar for a month. This item is oft to blame for excess weight gain. In fact, you may be surprised to learn which “healthy” items this ingredient can be found in, such as bread, sauces and most breakfast cereals.

Get more exercise

It is important to get at least half an hour of moderate exercise most days of the week, no matter the time of year.

This could include going for walks, jogging, dancing, cycling – whatever tickles your fancy. Just make sure you are visible if you are heading outdoors during the evening, and that someone is aware of where you are headed.

Plan your workouts

Are you trying to tame those love handles or create toned arms? No matter which body part you are trying to tighten it is important you look for exercises that will allow you to target these areas.

It could be weight lifting, crunches or general aerobic activities.

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7 perks of being the sober driver http://febfast.org.au/7-perks-of-being-the-sober-driver/ http://febfast.org.au/7-perks-of-being-the-sober-driver/#comments Fri, 13 Jun 2014 08:29:15 +0000 http://febfast.org.au/7-perks-of-being-the-sober-driver/ Doing an alcohol detox provides many health benefits but does not mean you need to miss out on a great night out. Here are some perks of being the sober driver. Continue reading

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Doing a 28 day alcohol detox is no reason to fear missing out on all the action!

Here are seven reasons that will have you jumping out of your seat and begging to take the wheel and be the designated driver on your next night out.

1. You can take spectacular photos

There’s no doubt that you will be the envy of all your mates in the morning as you will look fresh as a daisy in all the photos. Not only that, but you might be able to snap some unblurred pics of your friends’ antics.

2. Free stuff

If you plan on being the designated driver at a festival or concert, there are often packages available for those who stick to water, juice or fizzy.

These designated driver packs often contain free vouchers for non-alcoholic beverages meaning you do not need to buy your own.

3. Get home fuss-free

Taking your own car eliminates the need to queue for a taxi or wait for the right bus. Instead you can jump into the safety of your own car and make your merry way home – in pure comfort.

4. Make your own decisions

As the designated driver, you can decide how the night plays out. Once you’ve had enough and want to go home, your mates will have to follow.

5. Your friends will be safe

Want to rest assured your friends will be tucked up in their beds, safe? Being the sober driver means you can get a good night’s sleep, knowing your friends get home without incident.

6. Save money

Rather than spending your hard earned cash on a night out, you can instead save up for something you really want. After all, a night out often involves taxi money and money for drinks.

7. Wake up ready to embrace the day

No more hangovers. Need we say more?

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How to get back on track after a holiday http://febfast.org.au/how-to-get-back-on-track-after-a-holiday/ http://febfast.org.au/how-to-get-back-on-track-after-a-holiday/#comments Wed, 11 Jun 2014 14:20:38 +0000 http://febfast.org.au/how-to-get-back-on-track-after-a-holiday/ Want to get back to your pre-holiday weight? Here are a few tips to help you achieve this worthy goal. Continue reading

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Feel like you’re still in “holiday mode” after a break away? If you relaxed and whiled away the hours during a trip away it can be difficult to settle back into reality.

Not only that but one of the side effects of a holiday can be unexpected weight gain – after all, you want to enjoy yourself and taste all the delights an exotic location offers.

You’ve also likely indulged in a few beverages while you’ve been away. After all, who doesn’t feel like they’re on holiday when they have a cocktail in hand at the beach or in front of the luxury of a toasty fireplace?

When you head home, it’s natural to want to lose your holiday weight. While exercise will go a long way to help you lose those excess kilos, you can also make some dietary changes.

Giving up alcohol

Doing an alcohol detox is a great way to drop those kilos and provides a nice break after a holiday of over consumption.

Instead of sipping on a wine or beer why not drink plain water? This is a much healthier choice with no calories.

Match this with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise and you have a recipe for success!

Quit sugar

Avoiding sweet stuff for the 28 days after your holiday is a surefire way to help you lose weight as it means you will be consuming fewer kilojoules.

Plus, often those sugar-laden foods are paired with fat and refined starches so your diet will naturally be more healthy as a result.

This means cutting out lollies, chocolates, and ice cream – all of which are “sometimes” foods anyway that should only be eaten as a treat.

Many people who give up sugar find they maintain a better diet after the fast is over. This is because their taste buds learn to adjust without the sweet hit.

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How to win a FebFast bet http://febfast.org.au/how-to-win-a-febfast-bet/ http://febfast.org.au/how-to-win-a-febfast-bet/#comments Thu, 05 Jun 2014 10:29:02 +0000 http://febfast.org.au/how-to-win-a-bet/ So you've lost a bet. Here are some top tips to have you giving up alcohol, sugar, caffeine or screens like a pro! Continue reading

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So, you’ve made a bet to give up alcohol, sugar, screens or caffeine for a month.

Here are some tips to help you get though 28 days – remember, time flies while you’re having fun, so enjoy the time off.

Make replacements

Do you often find yourself reaching for the chocolate after a tough day? Stocking up your cupboards with tasty alcohol or sugar-free treats is a sure fire way to beat those cravings. Healthier treats will be within plain sight,so you’re more likely to choose something that’s good for you.

Following that logic, if you are considering a digital detox, why not pop a book where your remote normally lives, or leave post-it notes on your laptop? This could give you the visual cue you need to prevent those small slip ups.

Plan ahead

If you have a big occasion coming up during your fast, think ahead. There are some tasty non-alcoholic mocktails you could choose in lieu of that cosmopolitan or martini.

And, why not enjoy a non-sugary dessert? Fruit is a much healthier option. Berries are like nature’s lollies and could be your sweet treat.

You may also want to think about all the fun activities you could do once you’ve given up screens. It could be that you attack that book on your must-read list, explore your local area by foot or take up a new hobby – don’t worry, there’s plenty to keep you occupied!

Look in the mirror

There are a few added bonuses you will achieve by participating in a detox program – many people lose weight and report their skin looks brighter and clearer.

This is sure to provide that burst of encouragement you may need to keep up the good work of your fast.

You may also have more energy, so you can really stick it to your mates once they realise you’ve been successful at keeping your end of the bargain!

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Friends with health benefits: Why you should make time for your mates http://febfast.org.au/friends-with-health-benefits-why-you-should-make-time-for-your-mates/ http://febfast.org.au/friends-with-health-benefits-why-you-should-make-time-for-your-mates/#comments Thu, 29 May 2014 11:59:36 +0000 http://febfast.org.au/friends-with-health-benefits-why-you-should-make-time-for-your-mates/ Why not give your friends a call instead of watching yet another episode of TV? Your health may benefit. Continue reading

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We all feel better about ourselves after spending a bit of time socialising, but how can you fit more of this into your day?

A detox program could remove those obstacles (looking at you Game of Thrones) that prevent you from getting out and seeing your mates and you might even be happier as a result.

Here are some of the surprising benefits you may achieve from spending time with your friends.

Increase your intellectual capacity

A study by researchers at the University of Michigan in the US examined over 192 undergraduates and found those who engaged in short conversations with the aim to get to know other people reported better performance on a variety of cognitive tasks.

Conversely, those whose conversations were more competitive in nature showed no improvement in their cognitive abilities.

“This study shows that simply talking to other people, the way you do when you’re making friends, can provide mental benefits,” says University of Michigan psychologist Oscar Ybarra.

Catch fewer colds

Do you want to avoid catching a sniffle this winter? A study by Pittsburgh University found the more social interaction you have, the lower your risk of catching a cold.

The researchers theorised that the more social roles you play in life, including being a spouse, parent, friend and co-worker, can promote your resistance to infection.

Lower stress

Having a strong network of friends and family to fall back on has been linked to lower stress levels, and as a result improved health.

Your mates can provide a sounding board, lend you a shoulder when you’ve had a bad day or be there to take your mind off your problems.

These are all effective ways to deal with stress that mean your health won’t suffer as a result.

So why not ditch Mad Men, leave the gang in Summer Bay and ring up your best friend?

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Motivation: 5 celebs who don’t drink http://febfast.org.au/five-celebs-who-dont-drink/ http://febfast.org.au/five-celebs-who-dont-drink/#comments Tue, 27 May 2014 09:58:30 +0000 http://febfast.org.au/top-5-celebs-to-emulate-during-an-alcohol-detox/ Who said staying sober is uncool? Here are some top celebrities that can provide the perfect motivation for your fast from alcohol. Continue reading

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Who said you can’t stay sober and still be cool? Here are some top celebs that have embraced an alcohol-free lifestyle – perfect inspiration for when you are doing an alcohol fast!

Blake Lively

This Gossip Girl star is married to actor Ryan Reynolds and admits that she is a non-drinker.

In a 2012 interview with Allure magazine she confirmed she keeps sober, saying “I don’t drink. I’ve never tried a drug…It’s just something that I genuinely don’t have a desire for.”

Could that be her secret to gorgeous hair and glowing skin?

James Franco

Despite playing the role of a drug dealer (more than once) and some rather erratic behaviour, it may come as a surprise that James Franco stays sober.

However, this actor, director, writer and artist steers clear of alcohol.

Tyra Banks

The host of America’s Next Top Model admitted to the New York Times that shes does not enjoy the taste of alcohol.

“I drank alcohol only once when I was 12. I had a peach wine cooler down to about the neck,” she said in the June 1, 2008 interview.

As well as being a successful model, Tyra is a savvy businesswoman – why not let her be your inspiration during your detox programme?

Bradley Cooper

This actor did not become sober until age 29 after fighting substance abuse, but has clearly reaped the benefits, picking up an Oscar since then.

We’re sure he still has plenty of fun while still being sober.

Jennifer Hudson

This beautiful star keeps her pipes in working order by avoiding alcohol. She told US television host Chelsea Handler that she had never had a drink in her entire life.

David Beckham

Although not always sober, this soccer celebrity has famously eschewed alcohol at times in favour of his career and family.

This could be the perfect inspiration story if you are gunning for that promotion.

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Top 6 books every woman should read http://febfast.org.au/top-6-books-every-woman-should-read/ http://febfast.org.au/top-6-books-every-woman-should-read/#comments Mon, 26 May 2014 17:02:11 +0000 http://febfast.org.au/top-6-books-every-smart-woman-should-read/ Wondering what to do with all your spare time during your Digital Detox? Here are some book suggestions for women. Continue reading

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It is tricky for the modern woman to have it all and often our busy lifestyles leave very little time for hobbies, such as reading.

However, doing a Digital Detox may help you to free up time in your schedule so you can tick these top six books off your reading list.

1. Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg

Topping must-read lists across the globe, this book offers some great insights to help women in business. The author is on Time magazine’s list of the world’s most 100 most influential people so her sage advice is sure to be on the money.

2. The Awakening by Kate Chopin

Although published in 1899, this book still has plenty to offer the modern woman. It features feminist themes that were groundbreaking when it was first published.

3. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

This book is a classic for a reason. It features a woman who is clever and not scared to speak her mind, which was revolutionary for its time.

4. The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan

Written by a pioneering feminist in the 1950s this book details the importance of women’s intellect. It explains in detail why women should not rely on marriage and children for fulfilment, as this can be achieved away from the home.

5. How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran

If you are looking for a humorous book, this may be right to your taste. Using her wit, Ms Moran is able to detail those issues facing 21st century women and explains how feminism has changed over the years. These days being feminist is about believing in gender equality, she says.

6. The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

Canadian-born Margaret Atwood is a pro at dystopian fiction, and this book is no exception. It details a bleak future where certain fertile women are forced to bear children for barren married couples and are deprived of human rights in the meantime.

It details the risks posed to women, in particular, of extremism and how women are often subjugated in society.

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