We’re very proud of our family of supporters who donate their time, energy and profile to taking part in the FebFast challenge and supporting our cause. Meet Meshel Laurie, Lola Berry, Professor Rob Moodie and other stars of the show.

Lola holding cup (1)

Lola Berry

Lola is a leading Australian Nutritionist, yoga teacher and author. Her second inspiring read hits book shelves early 2015.
Rob Moodie

Professor Rob Moodie

Professor of Global Health, Nossal Institute of Global Health (University of Melbourne)
Hayley Roper-17

Hayley Roper

Hayley is a renowned personal trainer, founder of Love my Body and author of the book, Lighten Up. She encourages women to get healthy every day.

Collett Smart

Psychologist & digital expert
Sam Gowing

Sam Gowing

Spa Chef, Nutritionist & Author
Run Home

The Run Home (radio station SEN 1116)

Jerril Rechtor

Jerril Rechter, VicHealth CEO

suzy green

Dr Suzy Green, Clinical & Coaching Psychologist