How healthy is
your office?

How healthy is
your office?

Office Teams

Powered by Victoria's Youth Support + Advocacy Service (YSAS), febfast is the great Australian pause from alcohol or sugar for the month of February, in support of young people experiencing serious disadvantage.

Each year, hundreds of Office Teams take on the challenge. They feel mentally sharper. sleep better and are more productive at work as a result of the fast. Our teams approach febfast together, bonding positively and feeling more productive.

This February, create an official Office Team and hit pause on alcohol, sugar or something of your choice together to help Australia’s youth. We’d love to hear from you and discuss ways we can make febfast as enjoyable and successful as possible for your workplace in 2017.

  • Kick start 2017 with something a little different!

    Each February, hundreds of Office Teams start the year with febfast to support young people and feel healthier. As a febfaster, you’ll join a community of thousands with access to exclusive tools and resources to keep you on track. Here are just some of the positive outcomes previous Office Teams have reported:

    Benefits - statistics - infographic - workplace

     We’ve had hundreds of Office Teams participate

    “As a first time FebFaster, I must say, I have never slept better, been so efficient on Sundays and had cash in my wallet after a weekend!”
     Samanths Tonkin, Senior Consultant, NAB
    “In taking the challenge, even if you’re failing, you’re learning. The conversations about alcohol and wellness that spread out from the immediate participants were significant.”
    Dale Nissan, Manager, Health & Safety, Worksafe

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    How does it work?

  • Choose a captain

    Nominate an awesome employee to champion febfast.

  • Create your team

    Register your team, then personalise your page & invite others to join the team. If you want to set up more than one team within your company, let us know before registering and we’ll set you up with a Master Team.

  • Download your kit

    Get your posters, graphics, email templates and more!

  • What's the cost?

  • 1

    Organisation covers the cost of registration

  • 2

    Organisation contributes to the cost of each registration

  • 3

    Employee pays for their own registration

  • The registration fee for febfast starts at $36 per person. But, if you sign up as an office team, you will get a discounted rate.

    You can choose to pay for your part or all of your employees’ registration fee, or they can pay for themselves at just $25 using a code unique to your company. The pricing system works as follows:

    • Under 50 people in your corporate team: $25 per person
    • Over 50 people in your corporate team: $20 per person

    If you are covering some or all of the cost of your employees’ registration, get in touch and we will simply create a discount for you to give to staff, and invoice you at the end according to how many times it was used. You can create limits on code uses.

    Need more information? Get in touch!
    Give us a ring on 03 8412 8566 or send us an email, we’d love to hear from you.

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