Image of Pete Evans, febfast ambassador

Pete Evans

Honoured to be able to support such a wonderful fundraiser that will not only assist many in need, but also potentially positively benefit the health of all those who get involved. My true passion is to see others improve their health, and its no secret that anyone can benefit from eliminating, or even just reducing the amount of sugar and/or alcohol they might consume.

I hope my somewhat mindful, family orientated approach will encourage you to take part in febfast for 2016 and help raise much needed funds to assist our disadvantaged youth.

Pete is the only person who cares and talks this much about food. Which sees him right at home in his career as both an internationally renowned and household name chef.

A love of food saw Pete begin his career as chef and restaurateur at the age of 19, opening numerous award-winning restaurants nationally as well as cooking in some of the finest restaurants globally.

Image of Luke Hines, febfast ambassador

Luke Hines

So proud to get behind such an incredible cause and I hope you’ll join me! febfast is an amazing opportunity to do something good for others by doing something great for you, and it doesn’t get much better than that.

Following a very impressive stint on the 2013 series of My Kitchen Rules Luke Hines jumped straight from the proverbial frypan into the fire – parlaying his success from Channel 7’s popular cooking show, into a post-TV career that continues to showcase his passion for educating Australians on clean nutrition and optimal training for a positive lifestyle.

Image of Jess Sepel, febfast ambassador

Jess Sepel

Alcohol and sugar are two of the most important, but sometimes the hardest, dietary elements to cut down on. They can be such a huge party of our social lives, so what better thing to do is there than joining with your friends and pledging to make healthy changes together – whilst being able to contribute to a cause at the same time!

Having recently completed a Bachelor of Health Science and Nutritional Medicine, Jessica’s approach to a healthy lifestyle is informed by a well-researched understanding of nutrition and complimented by a passion to achieve physical and psychological balance. Jessica has just released her first hard-copy book, ‘The Healthy Life’.

Image of Hayley Roper, febfast ambassador

Hayley Roper

Hayley Roper, Love My Body focuses on empowering women to look and feel their best through nutrition, exercise and happiness.

Why should Aussies ‘love their body’?

It’s important to appreciate your body and be accepting of who you are both physically and as a person. If you love your body, you naturally want to look after yourself.

Image of Blake Worrall Thompson, febfast ambassador

Blake Worrall Thompson

I’m a big fan of febfast for a number of reasons. Firstly from a health point of view I think its GREAT for everyone to give their bodies a bit of a break. Also I think from a ‘life’, productivity and ‘goals’ side of things you’ll find you have so much more clarity, energy and productivity when attacking your goals if you are off the booze – and thirdly from a personal side of things I’ve had people close to me struggle with alcoholism so it means a lot to me to be able to bring exposure to this kind of charity and event.

Blake Worrall-Thompson is a health and fitness professional dedicated to helping his clients reach their full potential. In 2008 he founded ‘Ministry of Wellbeing’ to create an innovative and holistic offering in the field of health and fitness.

Image of Rebecca Gawthorne, febfast ambassador

Rebecca Gawthorne

Reducing your sugar intake can be difficult physically & mentally, especially if you are trying it alone. Many people who attempt to give up sugar start their day off well, but by dessert are digging into the sweets again. So why not do it with thousands of others during FebFast Sugar.

Hi! My name is Rebecca Gawthorne (aka “Nourish Naturally”) & I’m an Accredited Practising Dietitian, Accredited Nutritionist & a member of the Dietitians Association of Australia.

Image of Tully Lou, febfast ambassador

Tully Humphrey

I support febfast for my health and just to give my body a little bit of a break to help restore and energize me for the year, but with the added appeal of supporting programs for young people with alcohol and drug addictions is an added bonus!

Image of Bernard Salt, febfast ambassador

Bernard Salt

Bernard Salt is widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading social commentators by business, the media and the broader community.

“We are perhaps the most privileged people in Australia history. We are well-to-do and we enjoy the freedom and the ability to indulge our interests and passions. Within this context perhaps it’s a good idea to detox our bodies and to regain a sense of balance by abstaining from alcohol for just one month a year. What harm can it do? Better still, what good can it do!”


Nat Kringoudis

Febfast is a great chance to get in amongst and make a specific commitment to ourselves, momentarily stopping sugar or alcohol to pave the way for better health. But to me, it’s much more. It’s an opportunity to make a commitment publically and show dedication to the next generation, to give back and to create awareness for disadvantaged youth. By coming together we can show our support where it’s needed all the while putting our best foot forward for our own health – it’s a double win!

Image of Benita Grimaldi, febfast ambassador

Benita Grimaldi

I love the idea that by giving up something simple like alcohol or sugar, I can help support disadvantaged youth. It’s also nice to give my body a break! I feel really good when I’m not drinking alcohol or eating sugar!

Image of Chris Appleford, febfast ambassador

Chris Appleford

I support febfast because not only does it give Australians the opportunity to try a life of sobriety for a few weeks and the many benefits that come with it, but it supports seriously disadvantaged young people as well. To be able to get fitter and healthier while supporting such a worthy cause is a win-win for everyone. It’s hard to think of two better reasons to spend February abstaining from alcohol.

Image of Suzy Green, febfast ambassador

Suzy Green (D.Psyc.(Clin.)MAPS

I’m supporting Febfast because as a Coaching + Positive Psychologist I love seeing people achieve their goals and create flourishing lives!  Most of us know that there is a very high fail rate for New Years Resolutions so I also believe February is a better month to seriously make some healthy behavioural changes.  We’ve also seen a big increase in people engaging in “challenges” recently to achieve their goals and I think the use of social media and social support can enhance our success too!