When you sign up to febfast, you’ll receive a mix of resources to help you get the most out of the month. Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll get:

Recipes – alcohol-free mocktails and sugar-free foods, we’re putting together a small pile of recipes to help you through! Check out our current recipes page to get you going.

Fundraising tips – febfast is more than just a health-kick, it is also Australia’s flagship fundraiser for young people facing disadvantage. Our fundraising page is jam-packed with tips and tricks to help you raise as much as possible for our cause.

The blog – there’s more to healthy living than just cutting out the booze or sugar. We’ll keep the blog updated with ideas to keep you active and motivated.

Venues – we’re currently signing up a network of venues across the country to create febfast-friendly drinks and meals. Check back to this page in 2017 for a map of your area.