Where your money goes

We’ve all heard the media stories, ‘Teenagers and alcohol: a deadly cocktail!’. Money raised through febfast goes to programs which help the most vulnerable of these young people and families who are tackling serious alcohol and drug issues.

febfast is proud to supply funds to our principle partners, Youth Support + Advocacy Service and Family Drug Support.

Youth Support + Advocacy service

YSAS is a leading health agency annually reaching over 1300 highly vulnerable and high risk youth experiencing, or at risk of, drug and alcohol dependence. 

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Family Drug Support

Family Drug Support receives over 2300 calls a month from worried families experiencing first-hand the trauma and chaos of having family members with drug dependency.

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PrepFast raises money for Youth Drug and Alcohol Advice (YoDAA), a service which provides the simplest way to access the information and support about drugs and alcohol.

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How We Spend the Money

Admin Costs

Preventative Health Campaign

Alcohol and Drug Support

Data displayed via this graph is based upon the Febfast 2013 costs: funds ratio. Febfast’s three year aim is to acheive a best-in-class position of 80% of all funds reaching our beneficiaries by 2015.

Programs We’ve Funded


Supporting youth homelessness with the AFL Players Association.

Brisbane Youth Services

febfast is helping BYS create youth-generated videos to promote harm reduction strategies.