Benefits of FebFast

We’ve all got our vices, which means that sometimes it’s good to take control and take a break. There’s no doubt that social expectations, special events and the force of habit can all make it difficult to give up a well established habit.

Can you last through the 28 days of FebFast? With these tips, you’ll be well on your way:


Why it's good for you

Overall benefits

A whopping 89% of participants experience at least one health or lifestyle benefit

Save money

81% of FebFasters enjoy deeper pockets come March 1

Lose weight

During FebFast, 62% of participants shed the kilo’s

Productivity boost

60% of our participants are more productive at work

Eating healthier

During FebFast, 43% of participants eat more healthy food

Mission accomplished

Up to 85% of “Fasters” complete their 28 day challenge

Long term impact

Up to 73% reduce consumption post-Feb & up to 92% intend to maintain this change

Understand your habits

Up to 86% of our participants become more aware of how habits impact their health

Better sleep

44% of our participants enjoy better sleep during February

Help find solutions to youth drug addiction

100% of FebFasters help improve the lives of vulnerable young people

Health Related FAQ

Q.Should I consult my doctor before participating?

While participating in this Fast may have health benefits, FebFast provides no warranty whatsoever that this Fast will achieve your goals and has not considered your particular health requirements in developing this program. You must not rely on the information on this website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. Participants should consider their personal circumstances and consult their medical or health care professional if appropriate, before changing their diet or nutrition regimen. Readers should seek prompt medical care for any specific health issues. If in any doubt on deciding to take part in any Fast or detox, participants should consult your doctor and obtain qualified professional advice as to the likely medical effects (if any) of taking part in this Fast for you.

More information about our health policy is available here.

Q.Should I participate in FebFast if I’m really addicted?

We do not recommend FebFast as a suitable form of withdrawal for people who may be dependent on a substance, including alcohol and/or other drugs.

FebFast’s annual campaign is intended to drive public awareness about health habits and raise funds in support of Australia’s youth alcohol and other drug service sector.

If you have a problem with alcohol and/or other drug consumption, we recommend you see your doctor for advice.

Q.How can I get help for addiction issues?

The Australian Drug Foundation’s website has links to information, treatment and phone counselling services.

FebFast’s major program partners also offer support. Youth Support + Advocacy Service (YSAS) provides support and health care to vulnerable young adults in Victoria with alcohol and drug issues, and Family Drug Support provides advice and support to worried families experiencing first-hand the trauma and chaos of having family members with drug dependency.